Displays touch every aspect of our modern life: TVs, desktop monitors, computers, digital cameras, iPads, laptops, smart phones, not-so-smart phones. But as demand for consumer gadgets continues to surge, display manufacturers have not yet achieved profitability. This is where Amorphyx is spearheading change. Amorphyx’ ground-breaking method for using amorphous metals as the basis for a new electronic device - the amorphous metal nonlinear resistor (AMNR) - dramatically reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating semiconductor content in the display backplane while increasing the brightness, speed and efficiency of LCD and flexible displays. 

The Amorphyx AMNR radically simplifies the most complicated and costly portion of the display production process - the backplane - ultimately shrinking environmental footprint, slashing capital equipment costs and increasing process yields so manufacturers can finally achieve profits. More than that, Amorphyx’ technology offers consumers a heightened visual experience and provides inherently flexible properties needed to drive future innovations. Amorphyx’ technology is the solution display manufacturers have been seeking to the increasing complexity of backplanes being driven by the requirements of increasing display resolution, improving picture quality and energy efficiency.

The AMNR represents a move towards simplifying the display backplane - the reversal of a decade-long trend in the display industry.  Billions of research dollars have focused on achieving lower cost, increased manufacturing yield and improved performance through increasing the complexity of the materials system and manufacturing process used to produce display backplanes.  Now Amorphyx is pioneering a reversal of the trend for increasing complexity in the thin-film transistor (TFT) that is the foundation of today's backplanes.  While improvements in TFTs move from amorphous silicon to more complex and costly metal-oxide semiconductor materials systems, the AMNR (a two-terminal device) eliminates cost by elimating the use of semiconductor materials.  The AMNR materials system is optimized for existing LCD backplane manufacturing equipment and processes, instead of being performance-compromised by them as are TFTs.



The Amorphyx AMNR is a display revolution, nothing less. Let the new era of display technology begin.

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Amorphous metal nonlinear resistors (AMNR) are altering the display market by giving manufacturers a chance to release new cost-effective products.

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Our innovative display technology is the compilation of years of experience and research from a combination of semiconductor industry experts and new thin film chemistry scientists.

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